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AP Press Release
Aug. 13, 2009
AP Markets Web site redesigned to enhance functionality

NEW YORK -- The Associated Press' premier financial data product, Money & Markets, is now easier to use than ever before, thanks to the redesigned AP Markets Web site.

The Web site at http://markets.ap.org has been enhanced to include improved navigation and design.
Money & Markets, highly customizable for both print and online use, provides insight each day into the financial markets with a broad mix of text, graphics and data modules.

"Users have told us the new site looks great, is easy to navigate, and provides increased functionality and better access to product information," said Josh Orenstein, AP Global Director of Business and Financial Products. "The new features really highlight our Money &
 Markets product, and the site has been designed so that members can easily take action," Orenstein said.

For instance, the site now allows subscribers to more easily login and download their files. A new "Featured Members" page provides links to existing member implementations of Money & Markets online, giving subscribers a quick way of seeing Money & Markets "in action."
Ticker/Stub Lookup is featured more prominently on the page so members can easily figure out abbreviations or stub names in their print listings.

"The updated Web site emphasizes the current Money & Markets product offerings while still providing information about Grand Central Stocks (GCS), StocksExpress, and our Quarterly/Annual products," said Russell Pollack, AP Manager of Markets Operations.

Money & Markets Print, Online, and Extra Modules are prominently featured on the home page with robust drill-down information available. Money & Markets Print Product drill-down information includes a pop-up window providing easy one-click access to samples of each module. Money & Markets Online drill-down information offers "live" samples of modules. There are detailed "Help" and "Download" pages providing one-stop access to everything a member needs for Money & Markets. In addition,
downloads, fonts, GCS data elements, fund classifications and more are easily located from the main navigation.

For more information, contact your local bureau chief or John Parker, AP Financial Data Product Manager, at JParker@ap.org  or 816.654.1091.